At Ojai Massage we encourage you to select one of the modalities below, or if you like, to blend the treatments that interest you. Your massage experience will be different each time you visit us, with no formulaic pattern or rote system of strokes or techniques. Allow us to intuitively craft an experience that will unfold in the present moment based on the body’s non-verbal listening and receiving. We welcome you to guide us, so that we can bring you more of what you love; tell us what to focus on, what to avoid, what feels the best; breathe frequently and deeply, and exhale the external world.

Structural Bodywork

Chronic muscle tension patterns rob the body of its natural ease, binding some areas to the point of discomfort, allowing others to become lax and undeveloped or overly-shortened. This massage form is deep tissue bodywork practiced with great sensitivity.  We connect one structure to another, and use your nervous system’s gift for rebalancing the whole once the parts are communicating. Rather than plow through muscle like a chisel through wood, we harness the brain to release the patterns held in the body, so that the stuck holding is released in the form of free energy. The result is change at the systemic level, where the relationship of shoulders to arms, chest to throat, hips to shoulders, pelvis to low back, for example, can be shifted for a radical departure from familiar discomfort.

Craniosacral Therapy

Treating the deepest layer of tissue in the body, the central nervous system and its related structures, craniosacral therapy is energy medicine that shifts the organization of the whole being. Developing out of the tradition of Scottish osteopathy this subtle and powerfully sensitive work unwinds structural imbalances in the spinal dura providing increase flow of cerebrospinal fluid to essential areas. While the least “busy” of any bodywork or massage technique, craniosacral is one of the most active in terms of releasing stuck patterns and freeing the heart and mind. Many clients report that they drift in and out of awareness, because the work generates an Alpha brain wave that is deliciously relaxing.


Steeped in the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine, Shiatsu is an acupressure technique that vitalizes the meridians, or channels of vital energy. Using an ingenious system of pointwork with finger and thumb pressure, and toning stretches, all the body’s meridians and key acupoints are affected. Rather than treating specific issues to balance health, shiatsu harmonizes through a complete systemic approach. The result is a humming internal vitality and a sense of lightness while being grounded. Please check for contraindications to any conditions you might be suffering from before scheduling this massage.

Energy Work

The living body is a bioenergetic system, with pulsation and magnetic fields that can now be measured and quantified. The body in balance seeks to remain in balance; the body out of balance seeks to return to balance. When you’re out of balance you’re energetically aware of it because you can feel it; not yourself, you may feel anxious, jarred, foggy, drained, antsy, blocked or sick. These feelings are the result of patterns within the relationships of organs, tissues, emotions, boundaries and circulation that influence one another, causing energetic disturbances. A massage therapist—or anyone for that matter who has the intention—can learn to move energy in a way that benefits themselves and their recipient. Intuitively, we practice transmitting energy from our core to our hands to help dissolve limiting patterns, energetic blockages and misalignment. Sometimes the correlation can be felt in a connection to an issue, an organ or a memory. An energy work session offers you a chance to focus inwardly and take advantage of an extra compliment of vitality to use for your own healing. It is a meditation, and the results tend to be powerfully supportive and releasing.


Reiki is a simple, natural and effective healing technique that anyone can learn to use in order to channel universal healing energy. It is a spiritual method based on a Japanese tradition founded by Mikao Usui, from the early 20th century, though its origins are certainly much older. The basis of the transmission is a simple form that conveys healing from a benevolent source of unseen wisdom and goodness. The goodness is bestowed on us whenever we live in accord with right expression of human beings. It can also be channeled for one another so that we can live together in oneness. In Reiki treatment the hands are lightly rested on the body of the recipient and the energy is invoked and transmitted. Recipients report feeling lighter, clearer and happier from these treatments.

Flow Massage

Long, smooth and flowing strokes refresh and soothe the nerves, flush the toxins from most tissues, oxygenate the muscles and provide a most pleasurable full-body massage therapy experience. Peeling off stress and returning your body to its natural state this treatment makes use of hundreds of possible massage strokes. Flow Massage is usually a full-body experience, though it is anything but a fast, fluffy, oily “rubdown.” We see it as the perfect opportunity for collecting, reintegrating and rejuvenating the whole of you.


Possibly one of the oldest forms of massage, reflexology charts have been found in prehistoric settlements. Based on an ancient practice called the Law of Similars, the curves of the inside sole of the foot, the palm of the hand and the whorls of the ear mirror the curves of the spine. In this reflection, the body can be mapped out onto the foot, hand and ear with corresponding points pressed both to diagnose and to treat that area. You may notice, when the treatment is finished, that you feel as though your entire body has been massaged and enlivened. This massage is very useful for treating areas indirectly, because they are sore, cannot be touched, and need an indirect support. The reflexology session is usually very invigorating, often bordering on the good edge of discomfort, and quite salutary. There are times when you might feel the stimulation of the reflex point within the reflected area.