Helping Your Body Feel Like Home

Ojai Massage, located in the heart of downtown Ojai, is an oasis where locals and out of town guests alike come to restore body and spirit with the help of caring, present hands in a peaceful, nurturing environment. Trusting our intuition and its power to weave together multiple massage modalities, we attend not just to the physical restoration of your body, but to your entire sense of well-being. Our bodywork restores balance, clears the baggage of daily life and invites revitalized integration.

Touch that makes a difference

Memorable personalized treatments include:

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What people are saying

Felt slack-jawed and incredibly peaceful after…
Eric C.
I felt more connected to source, grounded & confident in my life path once the session was complete.
Ali Mae T.
Might have spoiled me for wanting a massage by anyone else ever again!
Wendy K.
I’m a masseuse groupie! I didn’t even know it was possible, but after my first session I knew I could never be within an hour’s drive of the office without paying a visit. A week later I am still feeling lighter and more joyful than I can ever remember feeling.
Erin M.
My husband said, “that might’ve been the best massage I’ve ever had!”
Marcia F.
That was one of the most deeply relaxing and at the same time powerful massages I have ever had.
“Hands down” the best therapeutic bodywork session I have received in my creaky 72 years.
Bob G.
One of the highlights of my vacation.
Daisy T.
I am transported to another place.
Julie L.
…has the capacity to guide healing at whatever level is needed…physical, energetic, emotional…
Eleanor S.