If you book on the phone, we will get specifics about your needs and intentions, and within the limits of your time and date parameters, will book you with the therapist who will best fulfill those needs.  If you book online, you can pick the therapist that sounds best to you, given your availability.

We are not a spa but a massage and bodywork wellness center.  We have no showers or tubs.  You will however, not leave with an oily greasy feeling to your skin.  We use a limited amount of massage lotion, just what is absolutely essential, and pat your skin clear when we finish the treatment. 

Massage is perfect for getting you in your body; it is a great precursor to any sport, though you may feel less like doing and more like just being afterwards.  Be sure to keep your plans loose if at all possible to adapt to how you feel after.  Drink plenty of liquids after to help support the detox process.

It is best to refrain from massage after drinking, as the body is in a detoxing process already, and the added burden of therapeutic treatment can drain the body’s energy.

We recommend that you avoid getting massage unless you are at the very tail end of a virus.  The body’s detoxification cells are already depleted by the virus, and massage can crash your immune system, making you sicker for longer.  We have seen it again and again.

We believe that some discomfort with deep massage can be useful in releasing the muscle toxicity from stress holding.  However, muscle fascia is melted from solid into gel with a slow, penetrating approach of advanced bodyworkers.  At Massage Ojai you will be spared the fast, mechanical, raking and instead be invited to participate in the release from within.