At Ojai Massage we believe that the massage therapists’ health is a cornerstone of the healing process. Our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is part and parcel of how you feel when the session is finished and you’re off our table. Superior therapeutic massage is based in a toolkit of vital technique and long experience, but the state of mind of the practitioner is crucial to the result. So we monitor ourselves and each other about our states of mind to be sure that we are bringing our best.

As a husband and wife team, we met over 20 years ago in a massage center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is still a thriving hub of practitioners today. There we learned the art of listening to the body, creating memorable massages, tailoring the treatment to the client’s specific and varying needs, and running a successful business. As we developed into a couple and then a family, we also developed into healers, dedicating our lives to growth and awareness. We have the good fortune of utilizing our many years of compassionate communication to support the varied needs of our clients. We bring the results of this dedication to our work, and it shows in the reviews our clients have given us.

Whether you’re coming to relax and peel off the city, ease pain or restriction, develop a better flow of vitality or to clear a blockage in your energy field, the invitation that we make to you is to give yourself over to hands you can trust. Let go into the work we love to do; we know you’ll love it too.

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About Us



Since 1989 I’ve been a student of the body, learning from countless hours of hands-on experience, about its pattern language. Beginning with foot reflexology, then moving to massage school in New Mexico, where I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the Rosen Method Bodywork, I became fascinated with the body as a map of person and history. Meeting Libby in 1992 I embarked on a crash course in love and intimacy that continues to this day! Opening High Desert Healthcare & Massage in Santa Fe, NM I developed skills in professional practice. Following interests I studied craniosacral therapy with Hugh Milne, and the Feldenkrais Method with Carl Ginsberg. At the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, I picked up skills in Reiki and was lead therapist there in 2000. In 2003 I began a 4-year program in Body Psychotherapy with the Core Energetic Institute West in Mendocino. I continue to learn from each person I treat.


Since meeting Aaron in 1992, I have been an integral part of the creation of Vital Therapeutics. As a young mother, learning and practicing infant massage demonstrated to me the power and effect of massage. Spending our children’s formative years primarily as a mom, I worked with Aaron to create the infrastructure of our company.

In recent years, I have immersed myself in the practice of Flow Massage, Neuro-Structural Body Work, Reiki, Energy Work, Shiatsu and Craneo Sacral. I specialize in a combination of flow massage and energy work, utilizing a variety of pressure and touch therapies as a means to clear out old patterns, emotional exhaustion and stress. I have a particular love of working with and supporting young adults through their physical and emotional development into healthy, well-balanced adults.

We also utilize the talents of a number of additional local therapists who work with us and specialize in the modalities that we offer. We always strive to tailor exactly the right services and therapists to your needs.

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